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Healing Arts
Massage, Reiki, Acupressure, Reflexology,
Aromatherapy and Craniosacral Therapy  for Health,  
Relaxation & Pain Management
Allie Thompson C.M.T.
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My focus is on healing the
whole person.  I use a wide
variety of hands-on therapies,
to help clients heal mind, body
and spirit.  My emphasis is on
energetic healing arts.  I
combine these with reflexology,
tui na and other forms of
massage, to create a session
that is healing, relaxing and
Allie Thompson received her C.M.T. from
National Holistic Institute in 1988.  In 1997 she
studied the Usui system of Reiki, and is
certified in levels I & II.  In 2002, she took the
150 hour course at the Acupressure Institute.  
She is back there again, taking the advanced,
850 hour course of studies with a focus on
women's health, emotional balancing/stress
reduction and pain management.  In college
she studied Child Development, and has
worked extensively with infants and children.  
In between all of this, she has also been
certified as a Childbirth Educator and doula.  
She has attended many births as a doula, a
massage therapist and a friend.  Allie has 5
children of her own, and has lots of
opportunities to use these healing techniques  
with her family.
What is Acupressure?  
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What is Reiki?
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Acupressure & Aromatherapy
For Surviving Cold & Flu Season

Certified Massage Therapist, Allie Thompson will teach you and
your family how to use acupressure and aromatherapy to boost
your immune system and to ease discomforts of colds & flus.

I have been using essential oils and acupressure with my family
and clients for many years to successfully boost the immune
system and shorten the duration of colds and flu.  I have also had
great success with relieving symptoms of many common and
chronic illnesses with the use of acupressure and aromatherapy.

In this class we will work hands-on, to learn potent acupressure
points to use on your family and yourself.  We will discuss how to
incorporate high-quality essential oils in acupressure treatment.  
You will learn the basics of how to get started with aromatherapy,
which oils to use and how to use them safely.

When? Monday, December 3, 2007, 7:00- 9:00 pm
Where? Allie's home in Concord
Cost? $30.00 per family

Contact me to sign up for this class.  Space is limited!

Families are welcome as usual.  Children are invited to join us in
learning acupressure points and it's great to practice on them
while you are here.  You may also attend without children.   I want
this to be a family friendly experience, but I also want to be able to
cover the material effectively.  You are the best judge of whether
or not it would be beneficial for you to have your children here at
the class.  I look forward to meeting you!